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Eternal Bond - Oil on Canvas

Eternal Bond - Oil on Canvas

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This gorgeous, round, lavish painting combines thick brushstrokes with delicate almost featherlike markings. Perfectly bold, yet subtle, this piece is a show stopper. Rich color combinations, high contrast, and dense textured areas are part of the essence of this magnificent painting. 

This artwork evokes the stillness and peaceful rest of wild flowers in their natural habitat. While it could be a nocturnal scene, it could also just be a moment of quiet, or the last moments in a poppy's life. The specific moment of full splendour where only you get to witness the climax of its ephemeral beauty. 

This is a very special painting to me, because I painted it during the time I grieved my grandmother's passing. As I painted, I celebrated her life, and thought about all the wonderful moments we lived together. I was truly blessed to have a wonderful human  being as a role model and mentor in my life. As you can imagine, I love this painting very much.

Having this painting at home will remind you to appreciate the small moments in life, enjoy the simple pleasures, connect with your loved ones and cherish the good times spent together. This painting is about nurturing the human bond between loved ones and how this bond, is the ultimate love.

Eternal Bond- Oil on Canvas

80cm, 2cm thick.

Hook on the back, the painting is ready to hang.

It comes carefully wrapped and ships by registered mail.

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