Why do I paint?

I paint to belong. Change has always been a constant in my TCK life. From a very early age I moved countries, changed languages and cultures. I was transferred from one country to the next and I was presented with a new set of circumstances for which I had to adapt and learn how to fit in. 

I'm inspired by plants and foliage that seem placid and contented with their natural environment. This feeling is what I strive to capture in my work. I want to catch the sentiment of belonging, of being home and make it mine. The representation process, happens with childlike curiosity, saturated color combinations and innovative artistry.


  • “I just bought a house and Paz’s paintings have illuminated my living space turning it into a home. I truly recommend her as an artist and human being. Her pieces reflect the joy and love for her craft, which in turn radiates that energy into my home.” Camila, USA

  • “Having a very colour intensive interior it took me while to find a suitable painting to go into my red kitchen. As I am a huge flower lover Paz’s monotype is the perfect fit. It’s featuring my favourite subject in a delicate and elegant style while still leaving me the freedom to doctorate with flower bouquets in all colours.”

    Vreni, Switzerland.

  • “I love my new colorful painting. It  brightens up our house and brings light and positive energy into our home.”

    Claire, The Netherlands.

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