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Bloom - Oil on Canvas

Bloom - Oil on Canvas

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 Bloom is a painting that has a tremendous amount of spark, movement, and color. This painting is a diptych that acts as a window or portal into the multicolored layers of paint, texture, and rich color combinations. 

Light, bright, and airy this piece will be a wonderful addition to your space creating a flow of positive energy, brightening the space and adding a touch of tropical magic!

There's a story to this painting. This Strelitzia was planted by my grandfather, in his beautiful garden in Chile. Despite the climate not being not apt for the plant to bloom, he believed in it and cared for it for years. He wrapped it during winter and protected it from harsh weather conditions during summer. After long years of persistent attention, it bloomed...IT BLOOMED! and that day, THAT day my friends...was memorable.

I see this painting as a story of persistence and commitment.

As Third Culture Kid, I relate to this plant and its story. Not only because it relates to my grandfather, but also to the fact that it had to adapt to a new earth, a new land. The plant had to adjust to adverse conditions and thrive. As a child and now adult living abroad, I look at this painting and I remember my grandfather, his commitment and I think of all the times I had to move, pack, settle in a far away land and... bloom.



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