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Eternal Bond Notebook

Eternal Bond Notebook

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Notebooks have a special place in my heart. I’ve always been attracted to them maybe because of their size, colors, or maybe because of their intrinsic potential. I remember collecting them as a child, opening the pages and smelling them. I would even keep some just for their beauty, untouched and organized by size. They were so precious to me that I wouldn’t dare write on them.

These are notebooks are different. These notebooks are made to be used. They were created to be filled with thoughts, dreams, memories, and poems. I love Julia Cameron’s Idea of writing “Morning Pages”. A place to jot down your thoughts, good and bad ideas, and be alligned for the rest of the day.

     We all have our passions, use these, for that.

    • Meditation Book
    • Gratitude Book
    • Dream Book
    • Morning Pages
    • Art Book
    • Food Notebook
    • Poetry Journal
    • Pregnancy notebook
    • Positive Affirmation Notebook
    • Productivity Journal


    • A5 (148 x 210 mm) hardcover notebook. 
    • It has an elastic to keep it closed and all together.
    • Includes a ribbon bookmark.
    • 96 blank pages (60 gms)
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