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Inner Peace

Inner Peace

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A portrait format, bold brushstrokes, and neon hues seem to guide your gaze as you look at this captivating painting. Bright and almost shimmering color combinations compose this calm and restful art piece. I've named this painting Inner Peace as the round, green leaf with a stem, stands in the middle of the arrangement with confidence and invites the viewer to enter the painting by eliminating thoughts and letting go of the burdens of everyday life. Inner peace is an invitation to quiet your mind, to travel through the movement of the painting and observe. By observing without judgement, you enter that space of stillness where everything is and there's no past or future. 

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  • 80x120 cm Professional Linen Canvas
  • Best quality Oil Paint.
  • Comes framed in a natural color wooden frame.
  • Has a professional wire/cord on the back. Comes ready to hang!


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