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Rebirth- Oil on Canvas

Rebirth- Oil on Canvas

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Majestic, Strong, and energetic are the words that best describe this grand painting. This unique beauty is a representation of what happens during the creative process while deep in the creative flow of self discovery. Bold, lavish and decisive multicolored strokes stem from within the scene making it a splendorous mix of realism and fantasy.

This unique painting has a powerful yet calm way about it. It seems that all that is portrayed is ready to be discovered, it is there peacefully resting, untouched. The depiction is vigorous, but at the same time, new and gentle.

This painting evokes truthfulness and sets the stage for new beginnings.

 This painting marks the first time I decided to let the theory go, forget about perspective, depth or the right color combinations. I allowed the painting to flourish and express itself on its own. I believe paint has a way, a natural way of being that if you allow it to happen, the painting will paint itself. I usually start from a reference picture and then I allow the energy of the moment, the flow of the painting and instinct, lead the way. 


  • 140x140cm (square format)
  • Painted with best quality materials
  • Has painted sides therefore, framing is optional.
  • If you order it locally, in the Netherlands, this painting comes stretched, with a wire mounted on the back so that it is ready to hang on your wall!
  • Due to the large format of this painting sending it outside the EU can be tricky. If you order from overseas, I will send it rolled and you can take it to your preferred local framing shop.
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